Red Irish Stout


Charlie Mops wannabe
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6 lbs. Amber malt extract
1 lb. Amber DME
1.4 lbs. Dark malt extract "kicker"
4 oz. Malto-Dextrine
.5 lbs. Flaked barley
.5 lbs. Roasted barley
.5 lbs. Belgian Special-B
.5 lbs. Chocolate
1 lb. Crystal 60L
2 oz. Northern Brewer (5%)
1 oz. Cascade (3.5&)

Steep grains in about 2 gal. of water; bring to boil. Boil for about
5-10 min, and let grains steep 40 min. Wring out grain bag and
remove. Add extracts and malto-dextrin; boil for 45 min to an hour.
Add northern brewer hops and boil for 35 min. Add cascade and boil 15
min. Cool wort, add water to bring to final volume and place in
fermenter. Ferment with Wyeast Irish stout or english ale yeast.
I'm not one to brag, but this was a damn good beer. It turned out a
VERY dark red color, with a creamy, brown head. At first I tought it
would be too sweet, but the hops come through just right.