Reusing jars


We have two sour pickle lovers in our family. We buy the huge jars of sour pickles, and I have always given the jars away. Now I'm wondering if I should try making homemade pickles. Are those huge jars ones that people normally use? Are they reusable? These just have a simple screw on lid.


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I think you would be fine to reuse them but make sure you are cleaning them out proper too. Both vinegar and baking soda work wonders in the kitchen when it comes to smelly issues, especially if you plan to pickle a different type (maybe for you since you sound like you are out numbered).


Why don't you try it on a smaller scale first since you have never made pickles. I'm one of those that has tried and tried and just can't seem to get them to come out right. Refrigerator pickles are fairly easy but then you've got that huge jar in the fridge until they are gone.