Ripped it all out (almost)

Discussion in 'Home Grown' started by melli, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. melli

    melli Member

    We have been getting really cold temps at night here in Upstate NY. We ended up ripping out almost all of our garden last night. Most of it was dead anyway! It was a horrible year for us! Very sad because it is something I look forward to all year long.
  2. That stinks! I only have my one tomato plant that came up by accident, so I won't be ripping anything out this year. It has been chillier this week, but not near cold enough for me to pull anything out anyway.
  3. Jason

    Jason Charlie Mops wannabe Staff Member

    Wow that is quick. I'm still waiting to plant here. Typically I can start this month but it is still too hot out and killing everything. It has been another bust year for us too. Nothing really wanted to grow or produce this year.
  4. HappyHoney

    HappyHoney Member

    My tomato plants are finally gone and I need to rip them out. I had six and all the tomatoes got ripe at one time. I ended up freezing some and canning some. I still have some sitting in my window sill. The jalapeno and cayenne peppers are still growing heartily. I'd be happy to share if I could. :)
  5. BrewJen

    BrewJen Member

    I'm sorry your garden didn't do very well this year, melli. It's always tough when that happens. I hope you have a better year next year.
  6. clarkdart

    clarkdart Active Member

    We still have some cleanup to do with our property as well. I have a feeling this winter is going to be pretty tough and some of the garden is just not going to make it. The biggest issue we have had lately is killing off the poison ivy that seems to be seeping in from the neighbors yard.
  7. lab22

    lab22 New Member

    Our garden wasn't very good this year either. The only thing that survived was the zucchini, onions, potatoes and our greens. They survived because they like cool weather and water. We planted over 80 tomato plants (we can for the winter) and we managed to get maybe a dozen red tomatoes before the plants rotted from the rain. Not a good year for gardening.
  8. smurfjuice

    smurfjuice Member

    My gardens are going to be late this year, cool, wet spring ... :(

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