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Does anyone have a recipe that would be close to the original? A friend is moving in from out of state and he can not get enough of the stuff. Years ago he worked abroad and fell in love with the stuff.


I have never tried making a Rodenbach clone, but I looked online and found a recipe. Perhaps you guys can try this one and see how it turns out.


Sorry Clarkdart, I haven't been able to wrap my taste buds around a sour yet so I haven't brewed one. I assume you're not looking for the Grand Cru?


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Jen that might work. We are trying to see if there is anything we can gather up for someone who has been hunting his eyes out. wild, it is not for me but I would taste test it, who passes up a free drink? The Grand Cru ratings I have come across are pretty high but I am not sure if the first time it is brewed it is going to be a 4 out of 5. :D