Rum balls


I am playing around with the idea of making some rum balls. I am not really a big rum drinker, so I was wondering if there are some other types of candy that you could use the rum in too.


I am not into drinking rum either, but rum balls sound interesting. I ran a Google search and I found this rum balls recipe. As suggested by the site, you can put some rum balls in your Christmas gift baskets.


How did the rum balls go over for Christmas? We ended up going to a party where the lady had made some. She was going to send me her recipe, but so far she hasn't. They were really good. I'm tempted to try to make some for a party we're having in February.
I remember last year when I was watching The Wendy Williams show and she added rum to a chocolate truffle recipe. While Christmas has passed, this could definitely be a great idea for Valentine's Day.