My wife makes the most delicious salsa I've ever had. She got the recipe from a local Mexican restaurant and tweaked it a bit to suit us. The thing I am asking is: Is it OK to can a salsa that wasn't made for a canning recipe? I would love to have this stuff around all the time.
Yes! It's more than O.K. to can your salsa. Just be sure you closely follow which ever canning method you choose to use and be sure everything is sterilized. You should have no problems and be able enjoy your salsa year round.


I have seen fresh salsa in stores but I have never seen fresh salsa canned. My mom cans salsa and has no problems but her recipe is a canning recipe.


There are a couple of Mexican restaurants around here that serve really good salsa, but I've never thought to ask them to share their recipe... Kudos to your wife on that one, Robert!

Not sure about canning the salsa, although I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to...