Hey guys! I had a lot of tomatoes this year so we have been making salsa and canning it. Most of my recipes came from a site called Salsa garden and I thought some of you might enjoy them!


Salsa is one of my very favorite condiments. I put it on eggs. I mix it into ground meat for meatloaf or burgers. I add it to soups and stews. It's good for so many uses.


I love salsa on eggs, especially a cheddar cheese omelet. A fresh, mild tomato salsa is the perfect topper and taste so good with the cheese. It's also good mixed into macaroni and cheese. It's a good way to add some zing to store-bought mixes for those fast meals.


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Salsa is one of my favorite condiments too. There is very little that salsa is not good on at least in my opinion. Salsa and tortilla chips is one of my favorite snacks.


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Salsa is always good in this house but it does not always last that long. I am pretty sure the kids would put it on anything if we allowed it. How do you make your own? Spicy or sweet and mild?


Salsa is actually the number one condiment in the US! It beat out ketchup a while ago. And if you're wondering, no that Taco Bell package stuff doesn't count. (Although it might for the official statistics.)