Sauces using beer


What kind of sauces do you love that have beer as part of their ingredients? I know my mom uses Coke when she fixes pulled pork in the crock pot. Are there similar ways of using brew to pep up the dishes?


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I always use beer when I make pork chops, but not as a sauce. I just pour the beer in with the meat and put a lid on it. It seems to keep the meat tender. I also use beer when I make pepper steak. You mix the beer in with the worcestershire sauce and a few other things. I think this is done to make the meat tender, too. I just do it because that is how my mom taught me to cook.


A long time ago there used to be a restaurant called "Lumms" that specialized in hot dogs steamed in beer. It was a big hit for a long time and then for some reason, went out of business. Anyway, beer is a good tenderizer and steamer. I even use it in some of my bread recipes.