Serving Your Wine At The Perfect Temperature

White wines and rose wines should generally be served chilled, at a temperature between 40 degree and 50 degree F. Place them in the refrigerator at least two hours before dinner. However, the flowery white wines of the Moselle or Rhine vineyards are better served not quite so cold. Champagne and other sparkling wines should be chilled in a container filled with crushed ice.

A red wine should be allowed to stand upright, not on its side in a basket, at room temperature for an hour or two before being served. Temperatures between 62 degree and 70 degree F. bring out its flavor and bouquet to best advantage. About an hour before dinner, uncork the bottle and let it stand open until you are ready to serve. This permits the wine to breathe and enhances the flavor. Avoid alternate cooling and warming of a wine.

What wine will you be serving at your next dinner?


I think you might be a little bit off on some things.White wines should be in the 45 degree range but 70 degrees is way too warm for red wine. When red wine is stored in a wine cellar it has a different stand of room temperature than the rest of the location; red wine is considered room temp at about 55 degrees, maybe 60 tops.

As for keeping reds standing; I have never heard that before. Everything I have ever known was putting it on its side so that the cork stays in contact with the wine and doesn't shrink and allow oxygen in. Every restaurant I have ever been too, even ones with a wine cellar and sommelier on site, have always had the bottles on their side.


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Personally I prefer my red wine to be cold. To me it's a thirst quencher when it's cold, so I often refrigerate it before I drink it. Now if I was drinking a really expensive red I would follow the advice of the experts, but I don't usually have that chance.