Spicy Pickled Green Beans

Discussion in 'Pickling' started by Allhops, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Allhops

    Allhops Member

    My sister who does a lot of canning and stuff has sent me some spicy pickled green beans and I can't wait to try them! Has anyone tried these before?
  2. brewgal

    brewgal Member

    No, I don't think I have ever had pickled green beans before. I have had green bean chips before and they were really good. I would definitely give the pickled ones a try.
  3. oldieg

    oldieg Member

    No but they sure sound good. You will have to try them and let us know how they turn out. Of course we will want the recipe if they are good.
  4. Allhops

    Allhops Member

    They look pretty spicy! She used really large and fresh green beans too. She has a garden and also lives near plenty of community coops. Wow, they are good, spicy but very good! There's a nice crisp to them too!
  5. Bailey

    Bailey Member

    Those sound interesting. Is there any way you could get her to share her recipe with us? I'm always looking for new things to do with green beans. We always have so many of them during the summer.
  6. Pickled green beans are a great addition for a three-bean salad. I used to eat a lot of it as a kid. My mother was especially fond of three-bean salad, but I haven't made it in a long time. I might have to try this out and see if I can replicate it.
  7. melli

    melli Member

    Yum! They sound great. I know my kids wouldn't want them but I would. I bet they are pretty spicy. You eat them cold right? Did you get the recipe yet?
  8. I have never had pickled green beans, but they sure sound delicious! I, too, would be interested in getting my hands on the recipe for these. I usually grow green beans in my garden and this would be a great way to preserve them.

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