Store brand yeast rolls


I purchased yeast rolls to take to a church dinner a few weeks ago. Usually, they taste wonderful, but this time there was nothing special about them. I thought I had purchased a brand I had bought before, but these did not taste as good as any we've had before. Does anyone have a particular brand of yeast rolls they would recommend? I don't want to make ones from scratch to feed an army at church.
I have had these rolls before. In fact it is all my mother-in-law cooks with. They are good, but I still prefer the old fashioned original rolls made from scratch.


I love these rolls. However, the store which I really liked the rolls from went out of business. So I have to settle for finding a new store this year, but that will be nearly impossible!
A friend brought these rolls to a luncheon today, and they were to die for. She split them open before cooking, added a layer of whipped butter she had mixed with a little brown sugar, added country ham to each roll, spread butter on the top and baked them. They were wonderful.


I just buy whatever cheap ones there are at the store. They never seem to vary too much in taste, regardless of the price. If I were going for quality, I'd make them myself, but for a church army? No thanks.