Strawberry plants


I want to grow my own strawberries this year. We are going to try our hand at strawberry wine. I have never planted strawberries before. How much room do we need and is there anything special I should know?


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Standard planting rules apply. Keep enough distance, usually about 2 inches between rows. The one thing I will tell you is that you will probably not get enough berries this year to do anything with. They don't usually produce until year 2.
Pinch off the runners the first year to let the main plant get established .... hope you have enough room as they will take over a lot of ground .... ;) .... p.s. you will be in competition with birds and tree rats.. :mad: .... good luck .. :)


Leave yourself a good deal of room. Strawberry plants tend to go everywhere from my experience, unless you are ruthless in pulling them up as they spread.


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I grow them in 55 gallon barrels. I'll see if I can grab a picture. But they grow out of the sides and top and they grow pretty good. I've learning a new thing or two about growing them that way though. But it allows me to keep them off the ground, and grow more per square foot.


That's a great idea, Jason. I'm trying to do more with going up rather than out year. I don't have a huge amount of space but would definitely like to increase how much of the family food supply is grown by us organically.


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This is something we have not tried yet but are thinking about (most all fruits in general). Do they require any special soil to grow in? I love to eat strawberries but that is about all I know from them other than their color.


That is a great idea Jason. We actually planted some in old tractor wheels last year. It kept them pretty contained and they were not in the garden. We had much better luck with them this year. Our first year we did not get many berries at all.