Sweet Potato Bark


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Has anyone had this before? A co-worker of mine brought it in for lunch today and I have to say it was pretty darn good. I really do not like sweet potatoes but this stuff tasted amazing. How hard is it to make?


I've never heard of sweet potato bark. I have done sweet potato chips, though. Do you have any idea what's in it or can you describe it a bit?


I haven't heard of it either but I do like sweet potatoes. Aren't they supposed to be better for you than regular potatoes? Something about more complex carbs I think.


After reading this recipe I think I'll make some sweet potato bark. We love sweet potatoes but there's just so many ways to serve them. Baked sweet potatoes are great with butter and cinnamon and sweet potato casserole is a must at Thanksgiving. Bark may be the snack I'm looking for.


I have just started eating sweet potatoes. I am all over this bark recipe! I can't wait to try it. I bet the kids will even like it. I have to say that I only put butter on my baked sweet potatoes though.


The recipe looks pretty good so I will probably try and make some too. Prior to this I had never heard of sweet potato bark though!


I haven't heard of that before. I used to like sweet potatoes, but I burned myself out on them. I might have to try this though, I think the kids might like it.
That sounds pretty interesting. I have never heard of it before, but it sounds like it may be pretty good. I wonder how you make it into mashed sweet potatoes? It would be a time saver for sure.


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I combine sweet potatoes with parsnips,turnips and rutabaga to make a terrific root stew with a Moroccan Flair. ;)