The brand of coffee you hate the most

My family and I are very particular on the kind of coffee we get for the house, and of course often we bump heads on the brand of coffee we think is better. I think Maxwell House coffee is a very good standard type of coffee. Folgers is good too. Ironically, I am not too crazy about the Starbucks coffee, the kind they serve at the restaurant is somehow different than the kind one can purchase for home. So, I hate Starbucks the most. What brands do you hate the most?


Don't know the brand but it's whatever Denny's Restaurant serves. That, undoubtedly, is the worst cup of coffee I have ever tried to drink. They really need to change brands or learn how to make coffee. One of the two.


I love Kona coffee the best. I hat most cheap store brand coffees. They always taste burnt to me. I had some really bad coffee at the Golden Corral the other day. I could only take a few sips.
Hey beckyv1265, I have a question. What exactly makes Kona coffee different from others? I tried it before, and it does have a different taste to it typically. I also know that it is very expensive.


I don't even remember what it is called but the coffee at work may be the worst crap I have ever tasted. Mountain Top, maybe? I don't know; it is so bad that I don't even want to know it exists.
I hate the Seattle's Best coffee that they serve at Burger King. My father bought a bag one time, and it practically went to waste because no one would drink.


One time, I bought a cup of coffee at this beverage and donut store in one of the subway stations. I don't know the brand they used but I didn't like it. To top it all, it wasn't even close to being warm. o_O


Chock Full O' Nuts and Starbucks are two I don't like at all. My favorite believe it or not is a store brand called Eight O' Clock. I've never tried Kona coffee but I've heard it's very good. My wife likes all of the fancy coffee drinks but I'm still a black coffee kind of guy.
In my area, we have a gas station that has a Subway in it. There are times whenever I am having cravings for coffee or tired and I avoid gas station coffee like the plague. Inside sources told me that often they don't clean the coffee machine often.


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I really hate the taste of Starbucks Coffee. The coffee itself is old and stale, and I've heard that it's left on the shelf for far too long before it's used.

As a coffee lover, I find the whole Starbucks phenomenon an insult to good coffee drinkers. It's so over-hyped and overpriced, and I believe that people really go to Starbucks for the ambiance and so-called cool factor.

They can't possibly go for the coffee itself!
I really can't stand the Seattle's Best coffee. I made it in my coffee pot once for my mom because she doesn't like our flavored coffee beans. She wouldn't drink it and I had to clean my coffee pot twice before I could make my coffee in it.

Cinnamon, the reason I go to Starbucks has nothing to do with the "cool factor". I go there because they are a community conscious company that treats their employees well. I also think that they have good tea and espresso.


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The one I hate the most would have to be Nestle. It's just awful! The best I ever tasted was when we went to Vienna, but I have tried and failed to find it anywhere else. I'd like to try Tchibo, from Europe, but it's too expensive.


I like Italian ground coffee because it's strong. I also like the French coffee mixed with chicory. I can't stand any make of instant coffee, and I'm in agreement about Starbucks tasting awful!


Generic brands. They're always the worst. I think they must come from the weakest plants or something because they just don't have any flavor. Bllllaaaahhhh is the best way I can sum up the flavor.


Any brand that my workplace gives out. They've changed several times over the years but they always taste bad.


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I am not a huge fan of the old standards AKA Maxwell House and Folgers. I like to buy fresh whole coffee beans. They just have a better taste than the ground coffees.
Anything instant makes my skin crawl. I don't know what makes it taste so bad, but I can't stand the stuff. Just tastes wrong, wrong, wrong!


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I don't drink as much as I did years ago but it is not brand specific for me, anything instant is something I will always dislike. I worked at a place about ten years ago that only had instant, they did not allow workers to bring in other drinks either. If it did not come out of the work kitchen you could not have it at the desk. It was a horrible working experience besides this but I still hate instant coffee to this day.