The Wineglass Has Replaced The Silver Cup

This new post is to see what types of wine you dine with when entertaining.
The wineglass has replaced the silver cup of bygone days, but wine still plays the same role. It promotes friendship and hospitality, and it delights us with its flavor, its aroma or bouquet and its color. The right bottle of wine can make a good dinner superb, because wine has the wonderful faculty of complementing the flavor of food and thus enhancing the enjoyment of eating. It also sparks wonderful conservation and conviviality.
We serve rose wine or Beaujolais with salmon, chicken, turkey and ham. And for desert wines-Marsala, Madeira, and Tokay-with fruits, compotes, rich cakes, tarts and pies, mild or creamy cheeses. What's your favorite entertaining wine?
After-dinner wines are served at room temperature. Port is the most usual and is often served with a good Cheddar or Stilton cheese. Cognac or brandy and liqueurs are also served after dinner in our home.


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I go with Carmenere in a frosty beer mug and tamales, usually alone and often in the dark. With fish I prefer lemonade. Did I mention getting booted from etiquette class.;)


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These are some great suggestions and pretty timely, too. I'm having a dinner party in April and am thinking about a wine to go with a she-crab soup that will be just the right one for this rich, creamy shrimp and crab recipe.


I like you angeson. You gave me my laugh for today. Thanks.
I too like a good cold beer on a hot summer day with steaks on the grill. However, if entertaining, I prefer Bohemian Highway Chardonnay with red grapes, cheddar cheese and pineapple. Served with cocktail crackers of course. Sangria is my wine of choice with mexican food.


It sounds like you are quite the connoisseur. I buy a couple of bottles and let my guests decide what they like. I don't care about proper pairings; it is all about having fun.