Tomato butter


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For years my step-mother has made something she calls tomato butter. It is really more of a chutney I think. She uses tomatos, onions, peppers and a number of spices. It is really great with roast beef. I really think it needs some hot spices like chilly and maybe some hot peppers but she is rather a bland cook.


It sounds good just like it is but I guess you could "dress it up" however you wanted it to be. Some prefer it more hot and spicy while others don't mind the "bland". :)
That sounds really delicious. Maybe you would also love this basic Homemade Butter easy recipe?!!

Old-Fashioned Homemade Butter

With electric mixer beat 2 cups cold whipping cream till liquid separates, 8 to 10 minutes. (Decrease speed during last few minutes.) Drain. Rinse with cold water. Drain well. Add 1/4 teaspoon sea salt and 10 drops yellow food coloring. Stir till sea salt and coloring are thoroughly blended in. Refrigerate. Makes 1 cup.

Let my know how it goes..and thanks again for your Tomato Butter recipe!
I will have to try the old-fashioned homemade butter! I know I have plenty of whipping cream and use it to make some great whip cream for my husbands coffee! So it will be really cool to try it as butter does it still retain the whip taste or more of a butter type of taste?
That sounds rich and delicious! Tomatoes are so good for you. I bet that butter would be fabulous with the addition of some olive oil.


We used to make butter in old jars. We just sat and shokk them till the fat seperated from the whey. Then we strained out the liquid ,salted it and packed it in crocks. Its great arm exercises. Its no wonder woman were in such great shape. They had to work so hard to feed their family's.


I may want to substitute butter with olive oil instead to go with crushed tomatoes. It's good if it is used as a salsa or as a garnish on grilled steaks and vegetables. Bruschetta too can benefit from this tomato spread.


It sounds yummy, but definitely not a butter. I agree that I'd prefer it on the spicier side, but I'm sure it has a little bit of kick just because of the onions and peppers already in it.

Is this rather chunky or smooth/pureed instead?


This sounds absolutely delicious. I agree, I will have to use this mixture with olive oil when I try it. I wish I could eat more butter.