Too cheesy or not enough?

When making your own cheese dishes, how do you ensure that the amount of cheese is "just right" (not too much or too little?). Have any of your cheese creations bombed for this very reason?


I eat while I cook.

A lot, lol.

What I mean is, I never put a food out without knowing what it tastes like already. So while I'm testing food, I can usually tell if there's too much cheese. If it's a baked dish, I can usually add more cheese if for some reason there's not enough. And if there's too much, serving with crackers or something can cut some of the cheese.
I personally find it pretty hard to add "too much" cheese, within reason. A lot of cheese only enhances and brings out the flavors of the main dish.


I taste the food while I am cooking it. I love cheese so I admit that I have the tendency to add more cheese than needed in some of my recipes. If it is a pasta recipe, I am generous at putting cheese. :)


There's no such thing as too much cheese, in my opinion. My family loves cheese, so I pile it on and haven't had any complaints yet. ;)


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Taste test is the best way but for my family its more about them having less and me having more. Being able to adjust it on the fly is what saves dinner on most nights. The other thing is there are certain things I will eat on the weekends when my spouse is not here (say if he has to run into work on the weekends), he refuses to eat Gratin potatoes.


There is never too much cheese as far as I am concerned. The more the better. I have never made a dish that I thought was too cheesy.