T's Barleywine


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Ingredients:(for 5 gal.)

10 lbs. Briess 2-row
8 lbs. DWC pale malt
1 lb. carapils
1 lb. Caramunich
5 lb. 60 L crystal
5 lb. DWC Special B
3 lb. light dry malt extract
18 AAU Nugget @60
15 AAU Nugget @45
Wyeast 1968 (huge freakin' starter)
EC 118 champagne yeast (to finish it off)
water treatment - 2 tsp gypsum in mash, 1.5 tsp gypsum in sparge

Brewer's notes: crush and mash in with 24 qts brewing water at 165 d.
Temp should settle at around 145 d. Hold for starch conversion for
about 2 hours, then mash out at 170 d. for 10 min. Sparge with 5 gal.
170 d. brewing water. Boil for 120 min., adding extract in solution
at about 60 min. to end of boil. Chill and aerate the bejesus out of
it (pump recommended, shaking can cause hernia), pitch and ferment at
around 70 degrees. Primary should slow down after about 10 days,
start rousing it regularly (I experienced no oxidation in flavor or
aroma) and pitch a big starter of the EC 118 at about 3 - 4 weeks. OG
= 1.118 TG ! = 1.028 Fine and bottle with fresh EC118 culture and
about a cup of corn sugar.
Malt flavors dominate, though there is enough bitterness to balance
to some degree. This is NOT your basic Bigfoot clone.