Turkey craft


This is a really simple Thanksgiving craft for the little ones. You need a toilet paper roll, a piece of brown construction paper, a paper plate, and some leaves. You cut the paper plate in half and glue some leaves to it. You take the brown construction paper and wrap it around the toilet paper roll. You can either draw a face on their turkey or give him googly eyes and a beak. Then you glue the toilet paper roll to the paper plate with the leaves on it. Voila it's a turkey!


That sounds really cute and very easy. I like little crafts like this for the small ones on the holidays. This doesn't take very many supplies and I bet a glue stick would make it neater too. Thanks!
We used to use an apple to make turkeys brewgal. Construction paper for the tail feathers and head and tooth picks for the legs. I would cut a slit in the apple for the feathers and head and the kids put in the picks. They're cute and eatable after Thanksgiving Day is over. :)