Upland Imperial Stout


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Ingredients (for 5 gal):
12 lbs Pale Malt
1 lb Roast Barley
1 lb. Crystal
1/4 lb. Chocolate malt
1/4 lb. Black Patent
4-6 oz of bittering hops of your choice (I used 4 oz of Chinook)
2 oz of finishing hops of your choice (I used East Kent Goldings)

OG 84-90
FG 28-32

Russ Levitt of Upland Brewing gave me this recipe, downsized for
homebrewing. Russ used London yeast on his, I used the W-Yeast Scotch
Ale strain (which I liked) and on a subsequent batch the Bell's yeast
(which was too attenuative.)
I actually like this one better if one cuts the chocolate and patent
down to 2 oz and use one pound of flaked barley instead. Personally I
don't care for chocolate and patent tastes that are strong in stout.