Vanilla Stout


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Ingredients(for 5 gal):

4.5 lbs. Dark Malt Extract
4.0 lbs. Pale Malt Extract
1.0 lbs. Breiss 120L Crystal Malt
.25 lbs. Breiss Chocolate Malt
.25 lbs. Breiss Black Patent Malt
.25 lbs. Breiss Malted Wheat
2 oz. Domestic Whole Willamette Hops
Wyeast #1084 Irish Ale
8 oz. Lactose (unfermentable milk sugar)
1 Whole Vanilla Bean
1/2 CUP Priming Sugar

Steep the grains for 30 mins. at 150 degrees
remove from heat and add all the extract
Bring to a boil and add half of the hops, add the remaining hops 30
mins. later & continue to boil for 30 more mins.
remove from heat and cool to 80 degrees or below, & pitch yeast
primary fermentation 10 days
secondary- add whole vanilla, in glass for 21 days
boil lactose and priming sugar in 2 1/2 cups of water for 10 mins.
when bottling