Warrior Scotch Ale


Charlie Mops wannabe
Staff member

11# Amber syrup
1# crystral malt
1/4# toasted malt
1/4# chocolate malt
2 0z Domestic Willamette hops
Edme ale yeast

Start 1 1/2 gallons of cold water, with grains, on heat. When boil
starts, remove grains, and add malt syrup and hops. Boil for 60
minutes, then pour through strainer into 3 gallons of cold water and
sparge. Add yeast when below 76 degrees. Ferment for 10-14 days, then
bottle with 1 1/4 cups dry light malt. Original gravity was 75, final
gravity was 38. Very simple, very thick, and very good.


Charlie Mops wannabe
Staff member
Whoops. Looks like we have a mis-spelling. It should be crystal malt. A malt is grain, usually barley, that has been allowed to sprout. It adds flavor to the beer.