Watermelon Fruit Leather?


Quick question: Can you make fruit leather out of watermelon? I know it would take tons of it to make leather out of, but could it be done? My family loves watermelon and if I could make fruit leather out of it, they would be happy campers when we go hiking. What do you think?


Oh boy, I think that would be tough. So much of it is water. I don't know how you would dehydrate it and have anything left but crumbs.


You probably can make watermelon leather. However, consider your time, the ingredients and the process. Is it really worth the effort? To me, unless you have a watermelon farm and plenty of time, it would be simpler to buy the leather and be done with it. Of course, I'm all for "easy."


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Yes, you can, but it takes a lot longer to dry it if you make just watermelon. If you mix in some drier fruit pulp, it can work better and still taste like watermelon. I've done it with apple puree mixed in. It still takes longer than many other fruit leathers but not as long as if you just use watermelon.


Hmm. Thanks guys for the input. Watermelon is my very favorite fruit and I have to agree with putting other fruit pulp in it to give it volume. Thanks for the idea, Prepper. I know a lot of times they use either apple or pear fruit puree or juice in a lot of stuff that they need to volumize but don't want to add sugars to.


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Not sure how this will turn out buy here is one.
2 cups watermelon pulp
1/4 cup castor sugar
2 tablespoons bottled lemon juice

Combine ingredients in bowl, pour onto drying sheet 1/8 inch thick, dehydrate at about 70 degrees for 4 hours.

The other thing I've heard about is more of a jerky. Cut slices 1/4 inch strips. Set dehydrator to 135 degrees, and run for 8-12 hours.


Thanks Jason! I appreciate that recipe. I absolutely cannot get enough watermelon and I almost celebrate when it shows up again in the stores. I just bought my first one of the season and even though it's not the best one I've ever had, at least it's watermelon.


Something I have never thought about. Thanks for the recipe. My kids love watermelon so of course I am going to try this. I hope they like it. Is 8-12 hours a long time to dehydrate something?