Well Versus Tap


Do you think there would be a difference in taste in home brewed beer if you used well water instead of tap water? It just seems that well water would be more pure, so the taste of the finished product would be more "true" somehow.


Of course there is. Most micro breweries that use city water will normally go with RO since spring water isn't available to them. But, those that are using RO have the ability to adjust their water profile to fit most any style which would be less tasking than those using spring water.


It depends on your tap water and your well, really. Just because it's a well doesn't mean the water is more pure or tastes any better. You'd have to test the water to see for sure how it rates.


There are some parts of the country where you're better off using the tap. If the source of well water is close to known contaminants, it's useless.


I think well water is worse than tap water. I have well water and I also have a water softener. There are many problems with my water so we have to add salts to fix it. I would think tap water would taste better.


I grew up on well water and attribute my good health to all the natural minerals in that water. If there's ever a question about the quality of well water, have it tested as I'm sure the big companies do with their RO. We wouldn't want tainted water to brew with now would we?