What Brand of Wineglasses Do You Use?

When entertaining, serving a very expensive wine in a cheap wineglass is just unacceptable.
Wine is its own best ornament and attraction. Thus wineglasses should be stemmed, colorless, clear and thin, so that the color and sparkle of the beverage can be see to the best advantage. They should be of ample size to allow for the enjoyment of the aroma and bouquet.
What brand of wineglasses do you entertain with?


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We have Mikasa glasses that we got for wedding present, but have never actually used them. They are clear and simple. What I typically use is my cheap Walmart ones (I don't know the brand name) or my plastic colored ones that I got from Target. We don't have fancy dinner parties, and we have 3 small kids, so we don't use nice, expensive things too often.


I am afraid we don't really have those fancy and expensive wine glasses. :) We got our wine glasses from the home store and they are from Libbey. We have other glasses which we purchased from Walmart.


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I have some simple wine glasses that I use every time when I drink a good glass of cold wine.
They are similar to these ones:



I actually don't know what brand mine are. I don't have anything too fancy, but I choose them based on weight...not brand usually. I want them to feel a bit heavier in my hand.