Wheat Bread

I have finally gotten a hang of baking bread! I am now trying to come up with a good wheat bread recipe. I mix about half wheat flour and half bread flour, a tablespoon and a half of yeast, 1/4th cup of oil, and about the same amount of sugar. The bread is a little dense because of the wheat flour. Do you know of a way of how to make wheat bread fluffy?


I can't say I do. We generally only make white bread. Every wheat bread I've ever had is denser than white bread. Maybe if you add more yeast or let it rise longer it'll help.
I will most definitely try that. I have another question. From what I understand, the difference between bread flour and wheat flower is the amount of protein present in each. Would adding eggs to the bread mixture help it to become fluffier?


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I've never tried to make wheat bread because of the density issue. I've yet to find anyone that knows how to make it soft and fluffy. My Granny has even told me that if I find a way, I need to let her know!


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We have not tried it either but I am sure just like most things in the kitchen it will take practice, a little luck and a ton of patience. That is oddly how we felt the first time we used a crock pot (when we were first married).