Where can you buy small oak barrels?


I don't want the huge standard ones. I'm hoping you all might have a source for small oak barrels, though, as I would like to try aging in those instead of the stainless steel. The flavor is just so much more mellow, assuming I get it right, that is. ;)


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I have gotten some off of ebay before. I like Wild's link better though.


Thank you so much, wild. That link has exactly what I was looking for. I'm probably getting ahead of myself since my first batch didn't turn out so hot but I really do want to get good at this someday. I'm starting to work on getting different items in preparation for that.


Before you start tossing money into a barrel, try using oak chips or cubes that can be found at your LHBS. Since there is more surface area on these chips, a little goes a long way for little cash.


I have to agree with Wild, get some chips first. Then you can know what kind of taste you can have and even how it will work for you. Without this you may end up getting the item and realize the taste is not that good at all.