Which cider yeast is better?


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Which cider yeast is better,? I know that whine yeasts are the best. If you had to chose beteweenn Lalvin 71B and Red Star Cote des Blancs, what would you chose?


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In my opinion, one is not better than the other. Lalvin might be a little easier to find, but as far as making the cider hard both of those yeasts are great choices. Try them both and just chose the one you liked better.

James Dean

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I would definitely choose the Lalvin 71B. This yeast is easy to find rather Red Star. Heck I could look it up in e-bay, and there it is. To me, it is necessary that I get my ingredients as soon as possible so it may not take long for me to decide which brand I should choose. Both a good in quality. They do the same action.