Which Is Better Homemade Salsa or Store Bought?

I know many people like to buy the stores salsa because of the ease of finding it, However, what has the better taste quality. The store or the homemade salsa? I know for me I like the kick of the homemade salsa because I add in quite a bit of items the stores does not offer.


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I love to make homemade salsa with canned San Marzano tomatoes and fresh cilantro, lime, red onion, jalapeno and sea salt to taste in my blender. I read on another blog that the tomatoes they use in canned tomatoes are required by law to be fresher than the tomatoes they use in store bought pasta sauces, I'm assuming this applies to salsas too.


I think that home made always tastes better than store bought because you make it according to your own taste, so if you like it a little hotter than normal, you can adjust the amount of peppers. If you like it not quite so hot, like I do, you don't put so many jalapenos in the mix. ;)


Fresh homemade salsa is my favorite. If I don't have the items to make it fresh I buy it at Sam's. They have a great fresh homemade salsa. We do can a lot of salsa in the summer. We just made 32 pints of it last weekend.


Fresh homemade salsa can be really great and flavorful, but of course the person making it has to know what they are doing. I've had some bad homemade salsa before.


Homemade, hand's down. I have the local Mexican restaurant's recipe for salsa and we usually will can some for the winter if we have enough tomatoes. This year we didn't have any extra so I guess it will be canned diced tomatoes for the base.
By far, homemade salsa is always better! You can customize it to your taste and add as much black beans as you desire or cut down on tomatoes. Homemade foods opens the opportunity for variety and experimentation.


We make our Salsa most of the time and it always comes out pretty good. We do buy some store bought sometimes when they have it on a really good sale. Most of the time it is the Tostinos (sp?) in the med or hot.


We have a member in our club that makes her own salsa. The only problem I have is that it doesn't stay fresh very long.
Had some salsa the other day made by a lady of Hispanic origins. It was delicious. At first it didn't seem hot enough. However, the longer it stayed in the fridge, the hotter it got. Yum!! To answer your question, homemade, without a doubt.


A salsa made at home is safe to eat than a store bought one. We don't even know what's in a store bought salsa that the manufacturer put in it. At least when I make a homemade salsa, I can put safe amounts of ingredients in it.
We have a member in our club that makes her own salsa. The only problem I have is that it doesn't stay fresh very long.
I can see where that can be a problem, but isn't there a way to add a natural preservative to keep it fresh just a little longer? Also, at least this way you can always make just enough for what you need rather than make a ton that will go to waste anyway.