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When you can do you use a canner or do you use another method to can food? I have an uncle who cooks everything on the stove and then puts the hot (boiling) items into a hot jar. I don't do this - I put cold, raw products into jars and then boil the jars in a big canner. I wondered what method you use and which you find easier?
I do the water bath canning when the foods are acidic. However, if the foods are not acidic I will use a pressure canner. Then I do not have to worry about the bacteria being present when I go to use the plants later on.
I have been thinking about getting into canning. I am growing beans and pumpkin in my garden this summer, and I was thinking about canning them. When I looked online, I found out that pumpkin can only be canned in a pressure canner when cubed and not as a sauce. Beans aren't acidic either, but according to these rules about acidity they have to be pressure cooked. But, I spoke to a friend's grandmother and she said that for beans you would have to cook them for hours in order to can them. So, for beans do you have to use the pressure canning method or bath method?


I was getting a little confused on the proper canning method for mangos. I use water baths for mangos because they are medium acidic. The "medium acidic" was what confused me between a water bath or pressure canners. But I'm sticking to the water bath since they are acidic to whatever degree, so I have never used pressure canners to compare the two. Although, I certainly would like to try pressure canners for low acidic foods, and will give you my opinion when I do.

Spicedorangetea, from what I have read online, all vegetables are low in acid, and because of the danger of botulism, they must be prepared in pressure canners. I would use the method of pressure canning to be on the safe side, but I'm no expert though, so you may want to wait for others to answer or do a deep research online.


We've always used a water bath canner but I may have to change that. I don't have a pressure cooker but I can probably borrow one easily enough. I haven't had any problem so far, but I sure don't want to either.


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The only time I've ever tried to can anything was with my grandmother's pressure cooker. I just figured I would try her way, for it worked for her ever since the 1930s. I have her canning equipment, but I really should try to do more with it.