Why does Heineken taste better in Holland?


You can buy Heineken anywhere. They have it in bottles and on tap at my local pub but I would never drink it in England because it tastes so weak and bland however, whenever I go to the Netherlands I drink it and it tastes great. Why is this?


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I have had the change to try it in the UK and it was not nearly as good as in the US, but I have never been to the Netherlands so I can not comment on it. Maybe it has something to do with the system they use on tap?


This could be due to a lot of things. Namely, different places have different standards on what's "acceptable" to serve. You'd think there should be consistency with a product, but there's not.


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Actually, I find that this happens with a lot of beverages. I drink San Miguel when I'm in Portugal and I relish it, but when I've bought it in the supermarket here, it's too gassy and doesn't taste the same. I think beers and lagers taste better in the country where they are brewed and don't travel well!