Wine and Headaches

Thirsty Mama

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I love to drink wine and from time to time will wake up with a headache the next morning. How do I prevent this? Is there some secret recipe or proceedure that I should know about?


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How much wine do you drink? You can get a hangover from wine. One thing you can try is to drink a glass of water for every glass of wine that you drink. That always seems to help me.


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I find that people who are low on B vitamins get more headaches from less alcohol. You might want to start taking a b complex vitamin before dinner. That might help stop the headaches.


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That is very interesting about the B vitamins, where did you hear about it from? I always caught the "you are too dehydrated" note from people when we would bring up the conversation.


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I take b vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc supplements after a night of drinking before going to sleep. Along with lots of water, this tends to reduce or eliminate hangover effects.

With wine specifically, I find red causes more headache the next day than white. I have read that this is due to additives in the red wine. Try drinking a glass of water after each glass of wine.


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I always take a BC powder, before I go to bed. It is probably something, that your not suppose to do. Water is a better option, but I have always just used the BC powders. When I wake up, I eat breakfast right away. Even if the thought of eating, makes me feel sick.


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The additives can give some people a headache, so I would second drinking a glass of water after each glass of wine.

I've never heard of the B vitamin deficiency thing, I'll have to check that out.


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I would love to know what type of wine you are drinking. A friend of mine gets the exact same after issue as you but only with reds, so she is a stickler for whites only.


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I used to get headaches from wine when I first started drinking it. I don't get them anymore. Maybe my body just got used to it. It could just be that you are drinking too much wine or drinking cheap wine. Does drinking just one glass cause you to get a headache? I would be sure to drink a glass of water with each glass of wine you drink and see if that helps.


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I get wine headaches as well. Water helps immensely. You get headaches from being dehydrated. Water goes a long way when drinking any kind of booze. When I golf over the summer I bring a big bottle of water to go along with my beer and I will be fine the next day.

I drink the water during the time I am having alcohol and make sure I down one before I got to bed but this means that I wake up early and have to go....


Alcohol can be very dehydrating, so be sure to chug water and take an aspirin as a preventive measure before you retire to bed after a night of drinking wine. Also ensure that you will be able to sleep soundly for several long hours.