Y2K Big Barleywine


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Ingredients for 10 gallons:

50 lbs. Briess 2-row Brewers malt
3 lbs. Munich malt
2 lbs. 60L. Crystal malt
2 oz. Chinook Hops, whole leaf (120 min)
1 oz Centennial Hops, whole leaf (75 min)
1 oz Centennial Hops, whole leaf (30 min)
1 oz Cascade Hops, whole leaf (15 min)
2 oz Cascade Hops, plugs (9 days dry hopped)
White Labs California Ale Yeast (pitched from 1 qt. starter)

Infusion Mash: (had to perform two mashes as my mash tun only holds
35# of grain) combine malts with water (1.25qt/lb. of grain) and
stabilize temp at 154 F. Hold temp for 1.5 hours and mash out at 170
F. Sparge and collect only first runnings (save rest for
another, "lighter" beer). Boil wort collected for 120 minutes, adding
hops as noted. Chill to 75 F. and add to fermenter, pitch yeast.
Ferment in primary for 9 days, then rack to secondary for 28 days.
Dry hop in secondary for last 9 days of fermentation. Bottle with
1.25 cup of DME and a fresh yeast culture and then sit on it for at
least 6 months, reserving at least one sixpack until following year
(If you can! I know I usually sample a bottle or two after the second
O.G. 1.118
F.G. 1.020