Building Your Own Fermentation Closet

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With beer being on of the most popular alcoholic beverages that are a exciting hit all around the world, many people take a great interest in having the ability to brew their own beer right at home. Brewing beer at home can be achieved with the help of a fermentation closet that should be kept at least 38 to 50 degrees and always should be kept very dark. This will keep the beer at a very cold temperature which is best when brewing the best tasting beer possible. You can purchase a air conditioned closet to keep in your home which will allow for the perfect environment that is needed to achieve a better yeast flavor to the beer you will be brewing in you home.

A fermentation closet is specially made to keep the beer away from any light, which is why these closets are made to be dark. When beer is in direct sunlight the beer will take on a negative effect from the light. This is why when you go to the store to buy beer you will notice that the bottles are dark in color. The darker the bottle is the better chance that the flavors in the beer will be preserved providing for better flavor. When you decide to build your own fermentation closet it is very crucial to keep it as dark as possible because this will allow the flavor to stay in the beer.

There are many different things you can use to make a fermentation closet. Most of the materials you can find around your home that will save you money. If you have an old entertainment center, cabinets, or refrigerator that you no longer need, you can use these to make your frame for the closet. These can come in handy because you can just use the old plywood you find on this items. If you do not have any of these you can also use a couple two by fours and some plywood. Next you will need to have a sturdy bottom for the fermentation closet. It is important to use plywood that is thick and capable of holding the bottom securely. To keep the closet cool you can either use a swamp cooler or an AC unit, which can be either found at a hardware store. You can also use a unit that is used. You will then need to build a frame that is strong enough to mount the unit to, or you also can pipe it in by using ducting.

Proper insulation is very important so you will need to use hard sheets. Fiberglass is not recommended for insulation unless you plan on putting the fermentation closet in one that is already in your home. Hard sheets of insulation are simple to cut into any shape and can easily be applied with cement or any type of craft glue. Make sure that you are applying insulation to both the top and bottom of the fermentation closet, as well as the door. You can also use weather stripping which will keep the fermentation closet cool at all times.

If you plan to build a larger fermentation closet you might want to consider building the closet longer instead of taller. Larger closets can be simpler to build but may cause you more trouble when you are trying to take the kegs in and out. If you decide to build a taller closet you will need to build a strong shelf that should be placed in the middle of the closet. You also need to be sure that the door is secured tight. If you are building a longer closet the lid will be able to stay closed simple by the gravity.

Building your own fermentation closet is a small project that may take a bit of time, but it is a relatively simple job if done correctly. Once you have finished your fermentation closet and begin using it, you will notice the great taste and enjoy brewing your own beer right at home!

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