Finding Suppliers for Home Brewing Equipment and Ingredients

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Throughout American history, many individuals have been interested in brewing their own beer at home. However, when Prohibition banned alcohol sales in 1920, it also banned brewing beer at home. Although Prohibition was lifted in 1933, an error in the wording of the law made it so Americans were still unable to brew beer at home. Despite the many individuals who desired to make beer at home, major manufacturers tried to ensure that it was not possible to make alcoholic beverages at home, as they feared it would cut into their bottom line. Their lobbying against home brewed alcohol and spirits was effective for a long time. It was not until 1979, when President Carter signed a law making it legal to homebrew beer for personal consumption, that brewing beer at home became legal again.

Despite laws against alcohol production, sales, and consumption, throughout Prohibition, many Americans had access to home-brewed alcohol at speakeasies, or nightclubs that sold illicit liquor. One of the most popular beverages consumed at this time was “moonshine,” or liquor prepared under the light of the moon. Presumably, this was to hide the act from law enforcement. Some Americans also had access to hops, barley, and other home brewing supplies, which they used to make beer. This was consumed at home and at the same speakeasies that sold moonshine.

President Carter’s lift on the ban of home made beer changed things for many Americans. Since 1979, more Americans have taken up home brewing beer as a hobby. Many towns have home brew shops where you can purchase the ingredients and equipment to make quality beer at home. To find these locations, ask friends that home brew beer, or simply look in the yellow pages. If you are going to be producing beer on a larger scale, like a microbrewery, you may be able to purchase items wholesale at these locations. Otherwise, your best bet may be to find online retailers. It is relatively easy to purchase any of the materials for beer brewing on the Internet. Online stores will also allow you to price compare, as well as purchase specialty items, like personalized beer labels. If you are concerned about the quality of the supplies, you can find reviews of the online stores. Reading about other peoples’ experience will help you make a decision about a good place to purchase from.

While homemade beer brewing supplies were formerly only accessible to individuals who could purchase the hops, barley, yeast, sugar, and other supplies directly, mail ordering and the Internet, as well as newly-enacted laws, enable anyone to brew delicious beer in their own home. Although you can find brew shops in many towns throughout the country, the freshest ingredients frequently come from the South, where many of the ingredients can be grown year round. As such, and Internet supplier from such a region will likely be able to provide you with the cheapest and freshest ingredients to make your home-brewed beer.

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