How to Make a Beer Tap

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Making a beer tap from scratch is less expensive than buying one, and it is fun to do. It is also a great way to showcase your skills and add a unique touch to your bar. Constructing your own beer tap requires patience and time. In addition, people who want to make their own beer tap need basic carpentry and machinery skills. A great beer tap can be a conversation starter during parties with family and friends.

The things you will need to make a beer tap include a piece of hardwood that is less than two feet long, a lathe, a saw and a joiner. You might also need a pair of working glasses to stop small chunks of wood from going into your eyes. A pair of work gloves is also a good idea if you are not used to using machine tools and saws. You may also want to make a model of a beer tap for your reference.

Turn the joiner on, and use it to scuff the wood.  The sides of the hardwood must be squared up, and they must go through the joiner. Make the surfaces at 90 degrees facing each other.

Cut the block of wood according to the desired width for your beer tap. Set the table saw an inch higher than the block of hardwood.

Put a tri-square piece of hardwood at the center of the block using a 45 degree angle to mark.  Then, put the block of hardwood on the lathe and rotate it with the spurs. Make sure that the turning spurs match the spur holes created. Make it tighter by moving it manually in a circular motion.

Raise the tool rest to the center of the hardwood block and put the blade rest in place. Round out the block of hardwood completely by starting from one end and moving to the other. You may have to repeat this process until the hardwood block is completely rounded.

Compare the rounded block of hardwood to the beer tap model. Mark both sides to determine the start and end of the tap. Put the lathe in motion. Run through the markings and make cuts in these areas as the block of hardwood spins.

Refer to the beer tap model to make the shape that you want. Make cuts deeper when necessary. You may put your own design on the beer tap using carving tools.

Put a hole that will fit into the keg at the center of the bottom when turned upside down. Make sure that the tap matches any keg you purchase. It is best to bring the tap with you when buying a keg. You should also note that the hole’s size will depend on the keg’s opening.

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