Make Non Alcoholic Cocktails Out of Popular Mixed Drinks Beverages

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Sometimes we desire the wonderfully succulent taste of a favorite mixed drink, but maybe the time just isn’t right to have alcohol included in the drink. The real question, then, is what drinks still taste great sans alcohol? You will find a few favorites in this article.

Safe Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach is a typical favorite cocktail. In a chilled highball glass, combine three ounces of your pick of cranberry juice, three ounces of grapefruit juice, two ounces of peach nectar and top it all off with one maraschino cherry. This drink has the great taste of a Sex on the Beach, but doesn’t have the extra effects of alcohol.

The Virgin Mary
The bloody mary is a well-known drink that never disappoints. Its tomato juice taste, coupled with the spicy aftertaste, is something everyone wants from time to time. Also in a chilled highball glass, combine four ounces of tomato juice, three dashes of lemon juice, one pinch of celery salt, six drops of Worcestershire sauce, one pinch of coarse pepper, two drops of Tabasco sauce, and one celery stalk. Some like this virgin drink on ice, while others prefer it without.

The Virgin Bellini
A bellini, with the excellent peachy taste that comes with every drink, is coveted by cocktail drinkers. A bellini is another great nonalcoholic drink that still retains the great taste when you remove alcohol. Combine two ounces of peach juice, one teaspoon of grenadine syrup, and two ounces of soda water together in a wine glass. When you’re done, the virgin bellini will taste great and leave you standing upright at the same time.

The Shirley Temple
A Shirley Temple is probably the most well known classic virgin cocktail out there. The shirley temple is also one of the easiest drinks to make. In a highball glass with ice, add some grenadine and ginger ale. Add a nice little cherry on top and you can make anyone happy.

The Brooke Shields
The Brooke Shields, named after the famous actor in a pun against the Shirley Temple drink mentioned above, is the modern day easy virgin cocktail. You need a shaker for this recipe. Add some ice, a shot of orange juice, a shot of lemon juice, a little bit of lime juice, and shake the ingredients around to chill it. Use the shaker’s strainer to strain the drink into a highball glass and then add some grenadine, ginger ale, and maybe a cherry on top. While it takes a little more work than the Shirley Temple, this is a great alternative that tastes good without alcohol.

The Coco Colada
The nonalcoholic version of the pina colada is great and easy to make, too. In a blender, add a bunch of ice and add in two parts of pineapple juice. Put one part coconut juice in the mix and blend for a smooth, icy treat that is great during the hot, summer months. This drink will leave you refreshed, but still feeling good enough to drive.

The Liver Recovery
This drink is cleverly named for those days when your liver just needs a break from all of that alcohol. You need a juicer for this drink recipe, but it is pretty easy after you obtain one. Juice together two apples, five strawberries, and one banana. Place this mixture in a blender and combine it with some ice. Blend it all together and you have a great smoothie of fruit with no alcohol. This also soothes the stomach, which makes the drink a great choice for “the next morning” hangover.

If you feel experimental next time you’re looking for a nonalcoholic drink, try one of the above. These drinks will keep you happy and keep you sober. Most of your other favorite cocktails will also most likely taste great without alcohol, so don’t be afraid to try out some other combinations, too!

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