Advantages Of Kegging Your Beer When Home Brewing

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When you start brewing your own beer, the process often takes on a life of its own. What started as a couple six packs a month turns into beer brewed every week. You, and even your friends, start to love it, and even expect it, when they come to your home. It’s cheaper than buying beer, and often a lot tastier. You may start to think about investing in a keg system so that you always have beer on hand. Bottles get annoying after a while. Kegs are expensive, though, so here are some good thoughts on the advantages to kegging your home brew.

The first, and biggest, advantage to using a keg system is that it makes the whole process a lot more simple. When you start to brew in large batches, certain things about the process might start to annoy you. By far the most tedious aspect of brewing for most beer home brewers is bottling the beer. This is especially true when the amount of beer done per batch reaches into the hundreds. Broken bottles, cleaning the bottles, it is just not a lot of fun. Instead of using individual bottles for large batches, why not use just one keg? Bottles can be used for holiday brews, or to give to friends.

A lot of purists like the guesswork involved with bottling beer and trying to figure out how much carbonation the beer will end up having. There is nothing worse than a whole batch that does not turn out right because of how bubbly it is. Because a keg forces CO2 into the brew, and can be controlled, you can customize the amount of carbonation in each of your different styles of beer. Being able to homebrew with the confidence that your beer will turn out the way you want it to is a big reason that many use kegs.

Finally, quality is greatly affected by the medium it is stored in. Everyone knows that a high quality beer served on tap at a bar tastes way fresher and crisper than a bottled beer. Bottles can taint a beer and make it impure, but a stainless steel keg will keep it much fresher for much longer. The impurities that you often find in homebrew served in bottles almost disappears when it is stored in a keg. Kegging your beer brings you one step closer to creating that perfect brew that you’ve always been striving for.

Brewing your own beer is an art, and while getting a keg system may not be for everyone, there is no doubt it will improve the process for you, especially if you’re starting to brew in larger batches. Figure out if you really need the advantages of a keg, and then take the plunge!

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