Advantages of Owning a Kegerator

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As beer lovers become more informed about the drink they love to consume, they also become pickier about its quality. One way to ensure the excellence of beer is to drink it from a keg as opposed to bottles or cans. Beer on tap is fresher and better tasting, as any true fan of the malty beverage can attest to. Lately, an invention called a kegerator has been growing in popularity.

A kegerator is essentially a refrigerator with its own built-in tap, designed specifically for storing beer kegs either at home or in a business setting. It keeps kegs fresh and cold and makes sure that the beer within retains its quality. The smaller models can be easily transported if need be, allowing one to bring a fresh keg of beer to BBQs, parties or wherever a cold one might be needed.

Aside from obvious advantages, such as being able to have plenty of beer around at all times and not having the recycling bin overflowing with beer bottles, there are many reasons that a kegerator might be the perfect investment for a true beer aficionado. Keeping a keg in one of these devices allows for easy access. It also allows the keg to last much longer without going flat, sometimes extending the life of the beer by several months. The beer will remain fresher and better tasting overall. Since the keg is stored at a constant temperature, there are fewer issues with foaming as well.

For those using a kegerator in a more professional setting, it makes a great alternative to having a dedicated cooler, especially when limited space is an issue. It allows for shorter lines from the keg to the tap, making them easier to clean and clear. They can also be cheaper than setting up a specialized cooler, particularly for establishments that only have a few beers on tap.

Beer can be fickle, as an experienced drinker no doubt knows. Different types of beer need to be stored at different temperatures if one wishes to get the optimal flavor from them. Having multiple kegerators as opposed to one large cooler allows the kegs to be kept at different temperatures when required. Kegerators also work well for those who offer in-house bartending services, allowing kegs to be stored perfectly while doing business at a party or other venue.

Due to the popularity of kegerators, manufacturers are paying more attention to making them aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional, so there is no reason to worry about some unsightly beast of a beer dispenser lying about. Some of them even resemble showpieces more than simple converted refrigerators.

Typical kegerators cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. For those that wish to save some money, a conversion kit can be purchased for less. All that is needed to do a conversion is an old refrigerator or freezer, a few tools and a little mechanical know-how. Kegerators are generally small, holding just one keg, but larger ones can be purchased that hold up to four kegs if needed. Kegerators are cost effective in the long run, especially for those running businesses or for the serious beer drinker. For those that seldom drink, however, they may not be worth the investment unless he or she is truly dedicated to making sure they have the best possible tasting beer at all times.

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