Alaska Glacier Stout: Oatmeal Stout for Drinkers Who Like a Meal

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Glacier Oatmeal Stout is a locally brewed beer up in the great north of Alaska.  Brewed by Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage, Alaska, this is a local specialty that will have oatmeal stout drinkers grinning from ear to ear.  Alaska takes pride in its surprisingly large number of independent breweries, and Alaskans like their dark beer, as most people will figure out just by seeing the stunning array of stouts, porters, and dark ales available.  In many of these breweries the dark beer options definitely outweigh the light beer options—but what do you expect from a state with a proud unofficial motto of: “Alaska: where the men are men and the women are, too.”

Glacier Oatmeal Stout is one of the finest oatmeal stouts that can be found in the union’s largest state, and has a popular following.  The first thing that you notice immediately seeing a pitcher of this brew is the thick appearance and strong head.  Last time sitting at a bar in Fairbanks with a buddy, the waitress brought us a pitcher and with an approving smile noted: “Thick enough for a meal.  You sure you boys have room for supper with that?”  She was only half joking.

The color of the Glacier Oatmeal Stout is a deep black with a tan head that starts thick, but does die off to the brim in a few minutes time.  You can see the thickness of the beer as you pour it into your glass, and the aroma is thick with chocolate, roasted grains, and just a hint of vanilla.  The flavor doesn’t disappoint.  It is thick and heavy in the best definition of both words, with a strong body that pleasantly fills.  You can taste the roasted grains and the oatmeal.  Glacier Oatmeal Stout really is thick enough for a good meal, and tastes delicious enough not to warrant any complaints

Glacier Oatmeal Stout tends to be the favorite of all choices produced by Glacier Brewhouse, and they ship bottles and kegs out to other parts of the state, as well.  The last pitcher my buddy and I drank was at a bar and grill in Fairbanks, Alaska, over 300 miles north.  In fact, we may have enjoyed this one a little too much.  We were both so pleased with the first pitcher that we ordered a second, and then a third, and ran the keg out on what would have been the fourth.

Part of what makes Glacier Oatmeal Stout so popular is the taste has the full flavor of a strong dark stout, yet the taste is smooth in both the mouth and the stomach.  A perfect combination of beer bitterness and sweetness makes this unique brew a must try to any fan of tasty dark beer.

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