Beer Brewing Kits – Coopers Beer Kits Reviewed

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Coopers is a company that provides 18 different beer kits that produce all varieties of quality beer. Each Coopers beer kit comes with yeast, malt, and hops included. You will need to add 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram of fermentable, however, to make six gallons of beer. Coopers does offer beer kit packages that will include the fermentable. Following are the kits they offer and a little about each of them.

1. Lager- This Coopers beer kit produces a beer similar to Australian lager that has lots of character. It features a straw like color with shades of gold and a delicate white head. It also features a floral like aroma and a clean finish with light hop and malt flavors.

2. Draught- Coopers draught beer kit will produce a beer that even the most discriminating draught beer drinker will enjoy. It also has a firmly packed head and is light yellow-gold in color. It also has a floral aroma and has a somewhat bitter finish with delicate hopping and a touch of malt flavor.

3. Real Ale- This beer kit provides a beer that is a true Coopers Traditional Ale. It has a bold head and is bright gold in color. It features a fairly bitter finish and a pleasant aroma of fruit and malt.

4. Stout- Coopers stout beer kit produces a beer with a dry finish and all the characteristics of a dark malt. The taste comes from a combination of hop bitterness and malt tannins and produces a beer with an endless head that resembles creamer you would use for espresso. It has a dark brown color and features a combination of grain, chocolate and coffee aromas.

5. Dark Ale- This is one of the preferred Coopers beer kits for dark beer drinkers. It has a frothy head and a rich mahogany color. It has a dry finish and a nice balance of roasted malt flavors and hop bitterness. It also has an aroma of roasted malt mixed with a touch of chocolate.

6. Australian Pale Ale- This Coopers beer kit was made to produce a beer that compares to the iconic Coopers Original Pale Ale. The fascinating flavor comes from the highest quality 2-row barley, hops, and specially chosen yeast that also provides both a floral and fruity aroma.

7. English Bitter- This beer features a heavy bitter finish with a blend of sweet and toasty malts. It has a fluffy head with a brown copper color that features red tints and a pleasurable floral aroma.

8. European Lager- Compares to the style of classic lagers from Northern Europe. It has a distinctive hop aroma and a bountiful head. Best served in a tall, narrow glass after being chilled.

9. Canadian Blonde- This is a premium beer for the summer. It features plenty of hop bitterness in the finish with a clean pale malt taste. You will notice the smell of refreshing pale malt along with a pale straw color.

10. Mexican Cerveza- Get the wedges of lemon and lime ready for this Coopers beer kit. Tastes best when it’s been sitting on ice. The taste is clean and fresh and it is also light in style.

11. Heritage Lager- Features a clean finish and an aroma of world renowned European hops. You will also notice a firmly packed white head and a healthy yellow-gold color.

12. Indian Pale Ale- High hopping levels and bold malt smell and taste is what you will get from this Coopers beer kit. It carries the characteristics of the first Indian Pale Ale ever made by Coopers back in 1868. It is a full-bodied, hearty ale.

13. Irish Stout- Dark and thick with the smell of licorice, coffee, and chocolate.

14. Australian Bitter- Has a bitter finish that will quench your thirst along with being light in color.

15. Pilsener- Features a clean bitter finish that is also dry and crisp. Strong hop aroma and pale straw color is also part of Coopers Pilsener.

16. Sparkling Ale- Full of hops and malts with a fruity aroma, this beer kit provides a great sipping beer.

17. Traditional Draught- Nice combination of hops and malts provides the clean taste of this Coopers choice for more than just casual draft lovers.

18. Wheat Beer- Rich, frothy, and tasty with a cloudy pale color, this Coopers beer kit selection is surprisingly refreshing.

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