Beer Kits – Essential Buying Guide

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Beer enthusiasts have many choices when it comes to brewing their own beer at home. Beer kits are available in beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro models so there is sure to be a kit that meets your level of expertise, budget, and expectations.

Beginner Home Beer Brewing Kits
Popular brands in this category include More Beer, The Beer Machine, Mr Beer, Coopers, and True Brew.
A reasonable price along with easy to follow step by step guides make these kits ideal for the novice who wants to make a tasty first batch of beer. They usually come with one to two brew kegs, packs of ingredients, yeast, and an instruction manual. Fun extras like bottles with labels, T-shirts, and thermometers are often included. These entry-level kits range in price from $40-$150 and give first time brewers who are new to the hobby way to achieve success on their first go at it.

Intermediate Home Beer Brewing Kits
Popular brands in this category include More Beer and True Brew.
Brew a quality beer with an intermediate beer brewing kit and find out how added options can help you to create a finer beer. These kits usually come with a floating thermometer to make sure that the temperature conditions remain optimal. Dried yeast instead of liquid is often chosen at this level because of its increased potency. Sanitizer, a bottle brush, brewery wash, and sanitation bucket are included to care for the system. A plastic or glass carboy and beer bottles in addition to caps and a bottle capper are also usually part of the kit as are a hydrometer, airlock, mesh steeping bags, mesh hop bags, funnel, plastic spoon, and siphon starter. These intermediate kits range in price from $100 to $220 and offer more ways for the intermediate beer brewer to hone his craft.

Advanced Home Beer Brewing Kits
Popular brands in this category include Brewer’s Best and More Beer.
After you have found your niche in beer brewing, move up to one of the advanced kits for more of a challenge and more options. Bottle beer in quantity with one of these superior brewing kits. They come with five or six gallon glass carboys, and a large bottling bucket with lid and spigot. The thermometers at this level are alcohol filled and food grade. These kits also come with an airblock, hop sacks, grain bag, rubber stopper, auto-siphon pump, racking cane with solids reduction tip, vinyl tubing, carboy brush, triple scale hydrometer, spring loaded and bottle filler. Some offer a keg with faucet for serving large crowds. Depending on your needs, they can also include a wort chiller, and kettle with spigot to allow for safer transfers to the fermenter. When you are dealing with larger volume, these additions can be very helpful and make the beer making process much safer. These kits are not light and are not cheap. They can weigh in at around 100lbs and cost up to $450. For those experienced in beer making, the added features on these kits make them a worthwhile investment.

Pro Home Beer Brewing Kits
An example of a beer brewing kit at the highest level is a model developed by MiniBrew. It is an electronic mashing home brewer that costs around $1000. Professionals will benefit from a hot liquor tank, mash tun, march pump, multiple thermometers, EBC module, quick connector barbed, quick connector barbed elbow, ½” MPT, input manifold, and ½” ball valves. This kit makes it possible to create the highest quality beer. Users can choose their own ingredients and experiment with different recipes on this professional system.

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