Beginning Homebrewing – Review of the Mr. Beer Kit

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With all the hoopla over microbrewery beers, many consumers have entertained the idea of brewing their own brand of beer at home. The ability to create a delicious, heady brew to share with friends and family has a seductive pull to it. So why not give in? The Mr. Beer Kit contains the majority of things a consumer needs to brew a small batch of beer. There is a range of kits varying in price from fifty dollars to one hundred and seventy dollars. The price range represents a reasonable investment to put into the entertainment budget.

The premium beer kit contains supplies to make one batch of beer. It includes the two gallon fermenter, instructions and brewer’s guide. There are also 8 bottles, caps, labels, and one standard refill. The set cost approximately fifty dollars plus shipping. If the consumer already has bottles and caps, a set can be purchased for forty dollars that has everything else. These sets are perfect for the consumer who just wants to give it a try and see what happens.

Consumers who are firmly dedicated to the idea may prefer one of the larger kits. They range from 2 batches to 8 batch sizes. The two largest kits also contain various accessories such as the brew-o-meter and deluxe bottling system. The company supports their home brewing kits with a large range of accessories and supplies. Consumers can add bottling supplies, special utensils, cleaners and replacement parts. They also sell additional kegs for storing the beer.

The company also offers additional brewery supplies. Hopped malt extract combines malts and hops and comes in several flavor varieties. There are also unhopped malt extracts available. The booster helps increase the alcohol content in beer. Pellet hops and hard cider refills are also offered.

As the brewer becomes more skilled, they may wish to investigate the Mr. Beer Hoppy Recipes. These are individually crafted beer recipes to use with the Mr. Beer system. The company offers a large variety of choices. Prices vary depending on alcohol content of other factors. Look for prices between twenty add fifty dollars.

Mr. Beer also offers refill kits. These kits contain enough supplies to make one of more batches using the consumer’s Mr. Beer kit. Prices start as low as sixteen dollars. As with any smart company these days Mr. Beer also offers a variety of marketing merchandise. Glasses, bottle openings, hats and more are available through the website. Shipping costs are flat rate at $7.95 in the continental US via UPS ground.

Looking through the Mr. Beer online community there are a lot of people who genuinely enjoy the challenges and joys of brewing their own beer. Members respond that the way the kits set up, make it easy to add to any of the kits. This way as interest increases and the need for greater supplies occurs the consumer does not have to buy a new kit. They can add only the pieces that they want and or need. The community supports a knowledge center and discussion forum for brewers to share and gain information with other brewers. Mr. Beer is also supported on Facebook and twitter. The Brewer’s assistant is also a part of the city and provides links to brewer terms, website connections and a knowledge center with FAQs.

Mr. Beer offers gift cards for gift giving convenience. There is a help desk that the company runs to offer help to consumers with Mr. Beer kits. There is an online support link, FAQs and the other standard customer support options. The website is trust guard verified.

Mr. Beer products are conveniently located in stores across the nation. Gourmet chef stores, kitchen specialty boutiques and other specialty kitchen stores often carry these quality products. The Mr. Beer website offers a search engine, which will find a store located near the consumers zip code. This is probably the quickest and most accurate way to find the store nearest the consumer.

The Mr. Beer products get favorable reviews from those who have tried their products. The price range is reasonable. The products hold up well and function correctly according to reviews. The kits are easy to expand. Expansion pieces can be easily located and purchased in sets or individual pieces.

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