Brewing Stands: Starting Your Microbrewery Right

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Brewing Stands: Starting Your Microbrewery RightAs you become more versed in the dynamic hobby of home brewing, it is likely that you will soon find yourself yearning to move past the brewing equipment that you originally started using. It is quite possible that today you are currently creating your wort on your gas or electric range and keeping your brew overnight on the tabletop or kitchen counter so it may properly ferment.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing either of these tactics, especially when you consider that many home brewers have used these methods at one time or another, you can still see some advantages if you switch specifically to equipment that is designed to make home brewing possible, fast, and efficient.

When you make the decision to turn your home brewing from something you dabble in while in the kitchen to something that uses up your garage or a portion of your home as a personal micro brewery, you will naturally start off by looking into brewing stands.

Brewing stands are an excellent choice for people starting to take their home brewing seriously because they are designed to give you all the space you need for things. They are also built sturdily so they can support all of the equipment that you have already put into use. As a result, you can start working from the start with all of the things you already put together, and as you need new elements, you can simply throw them in as well.

You can find high quality brewing stands in a range of sizes and shapes. There are more simple configurations that involve single tier shelves, but if you feel like having a more ornate approach, you can also look to three tier models for the ultimate in luxury. You can purchase brewing stands that will keep your kegs and pots all in one place or you might choose to buy all new equipment to support your brand new brewing stand.

When you start shopping for brewing stands, be sure to look for the varied styles and sizes of brew kettles, liquor tanks, heating elements, and mash tuns. Although you might start out believing that all you need is a basic two tier stand, you might change your mind later on and decide that a three tier system is more up your alley.

For this reason, it is probably better to look toward three tier brewing systems that provide room for growth than smaller systems that you might grow out of sooner and need to replace. Every now and then, it is worth spending slightly more money in the short run to save time and money in the long run, and brewing stands are no exception to this advice.

Before you start to put your microbrewery together, be sure to consider all of your options and keep from jumping at what might appear to be a great deal until you’re sure it meets your needs. It is rarely a bad idea to spend a bit more time and money shopping for quality than simply looking out for the lowest prices.

Also keep in mind that it’s a good idea to get a brewing stand that includes posts that you can adjust. This means you will be able to tweak your shelves so you can fit more or fewer things onto them as your brewing circumstances change.

Something a number of home brewers forget to pay attention to is the burners involved. Brewing stands, after all, are often selected because people don’t want to have all of their equipment cluttering up valuable counter space in the kitchen. As a result, it is important to carefully consider the burners you select for your upgrade.

Finally, make sure you’re having fun. Home brewing is exciting, ever changing, and a good hobby to have. Don’t worry if your beers aren’t perfect or if you win all the prizes in the neighborhood contests. Just focus on the process and you’ll always have fun.

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