Choosing the right variety of hops for your intended beer style

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If you are the type of person who enjoys brewing your own beer, then you are probably always looking for ways to improve your latest batch of beer. Brewing beer at home is a skill that takes many people a lifetime to master, so there is no need to beat yourself up if your beer isn’t yet perfect. One of the best ways to instantly improve your ability to brew great tasting beer is to read a few books on the subject. Although nothing beats experience, books are an excellent supplement. There have been thousands of people who have come before you in the realm of brewing beer. They learned their lessons the hard way, in much the same way that you are learning lessons of your own. Some of these people decided to write their experiences down and have them published in a book. In a matter of hours, you can learn everything that it took another man an entire lifetime to learn. One of the topics that these writers often discuss is the right variety of hops to use when brewing your batch of beer. They discuss the combination of hops to stay away from, and they discuss the hops that can perfectly complement one another. While this may all sound quite interesting to you, have you ever stopped to consider why it is so important to choose the right blend of hops for your beer? There are several excellent reasons.

The first and foremost reason that you need to learn the best combination of hops for your beer brewing is that you undoubtedly would like to be able to enjoy the taste of your own beer. The major corporations who brew beer in mass quantities have spent countless hours and millions of dollars testing to see which hop combination works best for them. Their main goal is to sell as much beer as possible. Although you might think that this would incentivize them to brew the best tasting beer possible, this is not always the case. Often it merely means that they want to be able to brew the least offensive and bland tasting beer. This way their beer will appeal to a wide variety of people. You may have wondered why Bud Light, one of the blandest tasting beers on the market, is also one of the top selling beers. Few people are actually offended by the watered-down taste of this beer, so it often becomes a top choice simply by default.

Luckily, since you don’t have to worry about the problem of selling your beer to the masses, you can concentrate on making the best beer possible. The only way to achieve this is to make the beer with the right combination of hops. Without the right combination of hops, then you might as well just buy your beer from the store. It is an extreme waste of time to brew your own beer, only to have that beer taste worse than a conventional store brand that you might buy.

Another reason for choosing the right combination of hops for your beer is that you would like your friends to enjoy your beer as well. It can be extremely embarrassing to serve beer to your group of friends when you have used the wrong combination of hops. When they start showing up at your door with their own beer in tow, you know that you are in trouble. It is rare that someone would actually go out of their way to purchase their own beer instead of drinking yours.

The best way to hit upon the right combination of hops for your beer is to simply use the trial and error process. Every time you make a new batch of beer, make sure that you jot down the hops that you used. If your beer tastes bad, then you know not to use that particular combination ever again.

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