Easy Ways to Start Brewing Your Own Beer

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Brewing your own beer at home can be lots of fun, and the results can be quite delicious for all involved.  Many people think that brewing beer is a complicated process, but in fact the process is quite simple.  There are of course a number of complicated flavors and brewing techniques experts can add, but the beginning brewer is better off sticking to the basic ingredients.

One of the easiest, simplest and least expensive ways to get started in the home brewing hobby is to simply buy one of the simple extract kits.  These kits contain all the ingredients you need for a great first batch of beer, along with simple and easy to follow recipes for the most popular types of beer.

The new home brewer should be aware that there are two basic types of home brewed beer – lagers and ales.  Lagers generally have a crisper, cleaner taste, while home brewed ales are often enhanced with fruity flavors, including raspberry, pear and even banana.

In general, ales are less complicated to brew at home, and it is a good idea for beginning brewers to start with a favorite ale.  Ales are less complicated and easier to learn how to brew properly.  It is possible, of course, to learn home brewing with a lager, but it can be a bit more complicated and time consuming.

There are of course thousands of different ales out there, and many different home brewing kits.  Each type of beer kit will have their own selection of ales to choose from, many of them modeled after popular brands of commercial beers.  It would therefore be helpful to have an idea of the type of beer you want to make before going shopping for your first home brewing kit.

As you shop, you are likely to encounter two different kit designs.  One type of kit comes in a metal can, and the other comes in a cardboard box.  The kit in cardboard will typically include a plastic bladder filled with liquid beer mix.  Creating such a liquid mix on your own can be time consuming and difficult, so beginners should definitely look for this premixed liquid for their first brew.

If you opt instead for the metal can type of kit, you will need to boil the ingredients for a minimum of an hour, then quickly cool down the liquid.  With the cardboard kit and liquid mix, this time consuming process has already been taken care of.  And since both types of kits are priced about the same, simpler is definitely better.

After you bring your kit home, all you need to do is follow the instructions and enjoy a great home brew.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully before getting started.  Make sure you have all the ingredients and supplies you will need and then get started making your great home brewed beer.

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