Home Beer Making Is an Easy to Start Hobby

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In the wave of technological advancements, many people want to look outside of technology for a suitable hobby they can enjoy. The lives of busy adults are already consumed with time-eating tasks and long work schedules. Therefore, finding the time for a hobby is not typically high on a adult’s list. However, a new hobby has emerged that is geared towards adults. Home Beer Making is an easy to start hobby that uses little time and investment. One would think that beer making cannot be exciting, but the variety and challenge of home beer making has risen in recent popularity.

Getting started with home beer making is easy. The investment is small when compared with hobbies that use technological components or collectible merchandise. Very little equipment is necessary to begin brewing beer in your home. Due to the popularity of home beer making, manufacturers have created quick-start kits that provide all of the equipment that you need to create a tasty brew. Unlike some hobbies that require you to do your own research, the home beer making manufacturers include a complete package of learning aides. A popular method of learning beer making at home is with a DVD. It is inspiring and exciting to see the efforts of others and learn the home beer making process.

Equipment Needed

A good home beer making kit will include semi-professional equipment. The home beer making process utilizes the same techniques as professional breweries without the use of expensive equipment. The ease of use of a home beer making kit combines professional techniques into easy to remember steps. At minimum, a home beer making kit should include:

— 5-Gallon Brewing Pot & Stirring Spoon
— 24 Refillable Bottles
— Sanitizing Solution
— Plastic Air-locked Fermenting Bucket with Spigot
— Sanitizing/Plastic Bottling Bucket & Siphon Hose
— Bottle Capping Device with Caps
— Bottle Brush
— Malt Extract, Grains, Hops, & Yeast
— Thermometer
— Hydrometer to Measure Fermentation Levels
— Beer Making Instructions & Recipes

Although the list seems lengthy, the inexpensive materials are very basic and easy to use. In fact, a small, dark, temperature controlled area is all that is needed for making a quality home beer.

The Beer Brewing Process

The home beer making process begins with sanitizing the materials to be used. The brewing pot, stirring spoon, and plastic fermenting bucket should be soaked in the sanitizing solution provided in the beer making kit. This ensures that no contamination will make its way into your home brew. The next step is boiling water inside of the 5-gallon brewing pot. After the water begins to boil, add the malt extract to the water. The malt extract will dissolve into the water beginning the creation of your new home beer. During the boiling process, this produces what is known as the wort. Producing the wort is the first phase of home beer making and will lead you to the next step.

After the wort is created properly, the 5-gallon pot is removed from the direct heat and allowed to cool. It is necessary that the temperature be cooled to 80°F to ensure proper fermentation. When the wort reaches the correct temperature, it is moved into the plastic fermentation bucket. Here, the yeast is added to begin the fermentation process. The fermentation process lasts about 2 weeks in a temperature controlled area of 65°F to 75°F.

The Bottling Process

After the fermentation is successful, the home brewed beer is ready to be bottled. The bottles and utensils are sanitized before use. Corn syrup or priming sugar is added to the fermented mixture to form the carbonation process. The bottles are capped and within 2 weeks your home brewed beer is ready to drink.

Although it may take 2 to 4 weeks for each batch of beer, it is a fun and exciting process. Learning home beer making is truly a low-cost and enjoyable hobby.

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