Home Brew in a Cornelius Keg

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Home brew has a long and honored tradition in America and elsewhere that appeals to the curious and the adventurous as well as the economy-minded individuals. Since the discovery of the delightful process of fermentation thousands of years ago, people have found many ways to create delicious and slightly intoxicating beverages. Beer was one of the first benefits of fermentation realized by the ancient experimenters, and its popularity has increased ever since. It was probably welcomed by the earliest farmers around 5,000 BC who could enjoy a brew after a day of work in the fields.

Fortunately, today’s beer drinkers have a much easier and more reliable way to create the delicious liquid. Cornelius kegs are the perfect way to make a brew, and they provide many advantages over other methods. They completely bypass the use of bottles and the extra work that they require. As treasured items that one loves to own, they are frequently called “corny kegs”. One may recognize them as the small barrels that once were the main way that Coke and Pepsi products were delivered to retailers. Now that they have gone to other types of containers, the Cornelius kegs are readily available for purchase.

Brewing beer is a time-honored tradition that may have flourished first with the ancient Egyptians and maybe the Babylonians before them. Writings in tombs include a special character that indicates the inhabitant was a brewer, an achievement that was valued highly. Greek and Roman civilizations succeeded the Egyptians as societies that enjoyed alcohol, and the practice of brewing beer was perpetuated by them. In more recent times, the Germans were credited with the innovation of the lager process, so beer could cool for aging and storing.

Making beer is a complicated process that requires both knowledge and patience. It is an endeavor that one may undertake with the understanding that it takes time to produce a good result. While it is an acquired skill that one perfects over time, it is a worthwhile endeavor that provides its own rewards.

Beginners in the use of Cornelius kegs for brewing beer may do well to shop for all of the required equipment at one store where there are qualified experts who know their business. There is a variety of equipment that is needed for carbonating and storing the beer, and there are supplies that are required for cleaning and sanitizing the equipment. As one gets more involved in the process, there is more equipment that may seem desirable to own in addition to the basic setup. A knowledgeable advisor is truly valuable at the outset, and an initial investment of a few hundred dollars is typical.

Carbonation requires the use of Co2, a gas that turns into a liquid form when subjected to prescribed temperatures and pressures. Different methods are appropriate for carbonating beer in a Cornelius keg, but all of them are based on the concept that the beer is kept at 60 degrees or less. It is also assumed that a Co2 regulator is an essential component of the setup.

One may realize that the choice to brew his own beer requires a commitment of time, money and effort. All investments combine to produce a thoroughly enjoyable hobby that has its own rewards in many ways. One gets to brew the beer he likes, and he gets to claim the rights of ownership and all praise that they attract. Admiration from others is one of many side benefits of the creative and adventurous foray into the magical world of home brewing.

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