How Coopers Home Brew Kits Make Brewing Your Own Beer Easy and Fun

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If you’ve been drinking beer at all during the past twenty years, then you cannot have failed to notice the renewed popularity of ales, porters, stouts, and wheat beers, in addition to lagers. Regional breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs with unique and interesting products have been flourishing. The last couple of decades have seen an unprecedented blossoming of creative beer production, and every adventurous drinker in the U.S. has benefited. These newly available beer varieties are full of flavor. Americans are proud of the delicious and unique beers that come from our own states, our own cities, and increasingly, our own homes.

For any connoisseur of microbrews, creating home brewed beer is a natural ambition. Home brewing should be able to supply high quality beer at a low cost, and it’s a good way to impress microbrew-loving friends. Picture the perfect summer party, a well attended barbeque. The kids play joyfully; the adults talk and joke around. The meat is perfectly grilled in a secret sauce, and the salads are cold and flavorful. There’s home baking, home pickling, and an opportunity to get pickled on homebrewed beer. You’ve brewed it yourself, and everyone is amazed by the high quality. They’re either jealous and bitter, or trying to figure out how to score some to take home.

That’s the dream. The reality is that home brewing is really difficult.

You know that you’ve developed pretty sophisticated taste in beer. You know that you like a certain balance of malt and hops. You know that you prefer a particular strength and intensity of flavor. Your hope is that you’ll be able to create a beer that’s perfectly to your taste, and that everyone else will love it, too.

Maybe you’ve already tried brewing beer from scratch once. You saved up bottles and purchased all the ingredients from your local bulk food store. You prepared it with love and care in a big pot and put it away to ferment. When you finally opened one of the bottles with a flourish, hope in your heart, and took a sip… you were faced with the most disgusting swill you had ever tasted.

Then, you asked yourself, “How could this have happened to me? I’m a good cook. I worked out a solid recipe. I sterilized the bottles.”

You’re forced to admit to everyone you told about the project that it was a wash. Maybe you should have kept it a secret. Definitely, you should have started with a beer kit rather than trying to make it from scratch the first time, with ingredients of unknown quality.

It’s not too late. The number one beer kit in the U.S. is Mr. Beer, made by Coopers Home Brew. Cooper’s sells all the equipment and ingredients necessary to brew delicious and unique beer yourself, dependably. You will probably want to start with their Beer Kit, which contains everything you need to make two gallons of beer, including a reusable plastic keg fementer, a book on brewing, and a beer mix for the first batch.

The second batch is where things really start to get interesting. There are dozens of beer varieties to choose from, available pre-formulated in refill packs: international lager styles, porters, ales, IPAs, stouts, pilsners, wheat beers, and even Belgian style beers. With these refills, you can almost effortlessly get exactly the style of beer you want. Eventually, you may want to start doctoring up the kits to better match your taste. That’s when you’ll know it’s time to move on to buying individual ingredients and working out your own recipes.

By easing you into home brewing, beer kits can almost guarantee that there will be no wasted batches and no embarrassment. Why not keep the learning process under control and build up to that perfect, unique beer?

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