Improve the Quality of Your Home Brews with a Three-Tier Brew Stand

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If you’ve been brewing your own beer for a while, you may have heard of brew stands. You may wonder exactly what a brew stand is and if it can improve your beer. You may have a two-tier brew stand already and want to upgrade. Whatever your situation, if you’re serious about creating great brews, a three-tier brew stand can help you reach that goal, without spending a lot of money or going to a lot of trouble to improve your home brewing setup.

Brew sculptures, or stands, come in two basic types. The two-tier stand uses a pump, which means home brewing with a two-tier brew stand always requires electricity. Two-tier stands are also not particularly portable, so if you like to move your home brew setup from place to place, two-tier stands are not really for you.

The three-tier brew stand is a popular brew sculpture, for a variety of reasons.

As the name suggests, three-tier brew stands hold all three grain brewing vessels. By arranging the vessels at varying heights, the three-tier brew stand uses gravity to best effect. The top vessel on the three-tier brew sculpture is the hot liquor tank (HLT). The HLT drains the brew into the mash/lauter tun (MLT), where the ingredients and flavors blend during the infusion process. From the MLT, the brew drains into the boil kettle, or BK, which does exactly what you would expect.

The three-tier brew stand comes in several versions. One of the most popular designs is the step design. This simple stand uses a step formation, as you would expect from the name. These stands are popular, but bulky.

The center pole brew stand is also very popular, and is designed to use less space in your home brewery. If space is a concern, you probably want a center pole brew sculpture.

Three-tier brew stands are a low-cost investment, and your first three-tier brew stand will last for years, so it’s not an ongoing investment in equipment. If you don’t have a brew stand, or only have a two-tier brew sculpture, a three-tier stand makes sense as your next equipment purchase.

As a home brewer, you’re obviously not doing this for the convenience or to save money on your beer. You’re doing it because you love to brew and you want to create your own great-tasting brews. It’s a hobby, but it’s also a passion. You want to do it well and you want to have the best home brewery you can.

Adding a three-tier brew sculpture to your home brewery will help you improve your craft, and it will make your beers less expensive than buying beer in a retail store. With the assistance of a brew stand draining your brew from vessel to vessel, you’ll find the brewing process easier. You can make an assortment of great-tasting brews and try out new recipes, because brewing will be more convenient. With a portable three-tier stand you can take your home brewery on the road, anywhere you’d like to brew. You’ll find yourself making better and better brews, and improving your skills every time you create a batch of beer.

If you’re only going to make one new equipment purchase in the next six months or the next year, that purchase should definitely be a three-tier home brew stand. You won’t regret buying a three-tier sculpture and it will take your brewing skills up a notch.

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